Sunshine Ridge Church Wedding and Watershed Park Wedding Photos in Surrey, BC

This church wedding at Sunshine Ridge was lovely, the sun parted the clouds for wedding photos at Watershed Park, and a cozy reception in the fireside room.

You might recognize these two from their engagement photos this past summer, check them out here if you missed it! Grant and Danica got married in front of their friends and family in their hometown with little details of their life strewn throughout the day.

Grants house was perfectly relaxed when we arrived in the morning, there were no nerves or cold feet from the groom! I absolutely LOVED the floral bowties and his brother and best man helped with the final boutonniere touches. We left the guys making pancakes for breakfast so I say they had a pretty good start to the wedding day.

Then we were off to the brides house for the rest of the getting ready photos! It was pretty cool to return to a house I visited every few years as a child to see one of our favourite families, and now to be there for Danica’s wedding. The world is a pretty crazy place to be sometimes! We got to see Danica’s beautiful vintage dress for the first time, had a pretty emotional first look with her dad, and saw the sweetest gifts for the bridesmaids of thrifted teacups which were very Danica. As every bride arrives just late enough to make the groom a little nervous before she walks down the isle, we got to the ceremony five minutes late for the perfect anticipated entrance.

The church sanctuary was overflowing with love for these two. The ceremony had worship music, personal vows, and some of the loveliest smiles from the onlookers in the crowd. Simple and beautiful.

That is when the party started! Wedding photos were full of laughter, possibly a broken umbrella or two, and ending with some private prayers between the couple before they headed back to the reception. There we so many happy tears during speeches and literally so much dang love all day guys! Since they had a cinnamon bun tower, instead of cake cutting we had “cinnamon bun unrolling” which was adorable. A couple dances and some mingling later, Grant and Danica were sent off by sparklers to their Volkswagen carriage. 😉

Congratulations you guys! Thank you SO much for having me as a part of your day and I hope you cherish these images forever!