Lifestyle In-Home Newborn Photos in Abbotsford, BC

If this isn’t my dream lifestyle newborn photos, then I don’t know what is! These guys have the most gorgeous house, family, and perfect new baby! A photographers dream. The perfect mix of clean whites, pastel pinks, and forest greens making it magazine worthy!

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Personally, I have a constant struggle with being unsure if I will want to know the gender of my baby before they are born. While Steve and Amber did find out with their first son, they decided to keep the gender of their second a surprise. This results in preparing for the baby a little different, for example, the baby’s room. They decided to go with a green, nature and zoo animal theme I was OBSESSED. Little Sophia the giraffe finished the whole room. Once Makena was wrapped up and a little bow around her head we got started!

For the beginning of the shoot, Makena was wide awake! Which sometimes makes for tears, but she was perfectly content to lay in her crib while I snapped the first photos. I think I lucked out because she not only smiled, she also looked right at the camera! Unheard for a seven day old newborn. After we snuck mom and dad in for a few photos, I ventured off to get some photos of big brother and dad while mom rocked Makena to sleep. Tickle monster will always win over the toddler.

Once our little one was fast asleep, we surrounded her with flowers to complete Amber’s vision! I might have to keep that one in mind for future lifestyle newborn photos. 😉 I was so excited to use a pastel pink blanket to get the final indoor shots of Makena. It made her look like a little princess, and the green bow was to die for! A couple of quick family photos in the backyard and before we knew it the photo shoot was finished! We got so many incredible images from this in-home newborn and I hope they cherish these photos forever!