Emotional Cleveland Dam Anniversary Photo Shoot

This Cleveland Dam anniversary shoot was the perfect blend of emotion, laughter, and love. Matt and Emily have been together for almost 10 years! It was the ideal time to get some new photographs of them as the last time they had professional photographs taken was at their wedding in 2012. So we set off to North Vancouver in search of mountain backdrops and we discovered the not-so-hidden gem that is the Cleveland Dam! There was a big grassy area to venture around, of course all of the beautiful mountains, and a very cool dam that sits atop Capilano River Regional Park. It gave us a perfect variety of field, forest, and urban.

After we arrived and took a few minutes to take in the gorgeous surrounds, we turned on Fleetwood Mac for some ambient music and got snapping! After working fast to capture as much of that evening summer sunset as possible before it slipped below the mountains, we were able to slow down. We took a breath and headed off to find a more private area in the forest. I had previously asked Emily to bring along their wedding vows as I thought it would be the perfect touch for their Cleveland Dam anniversary shoot. With some quiet music playing, Matt and Emily read their weddings vows to one another for the first time in years. It felt as if time slowed down for a little bit and these promises that were made 6 years ago were being vowed again. There were some laughs at the optimism, being 6 years down the road and learning marriage can be challenging. There were some silent glances with a squeeze of the hand, knowing one another’s heart with those simple gestures. More than anything, there was so much love remembering the moment these words were first said to one another.

After Matt and Emily had a moment to just sit with one another, we turned on “Leather and Lace” by Stevie Nicks and they danced with one another to the same song they first danced together to as man and wife. *cue me silently crying behind the camera*

This session was more than I could have ever hoped. All I want is my clients to connect with one another and feel the safe space I try to create that they can express themselves fully. That they can goof off and embrace one another as if they in the privacy and safety of their home. Because really, home is being in the arms of who you love most in the world.

I hope as you view their session, maybe turn Fleetwood Mac on Youtube in the background, that the emotions capture you the way it did for me.