Playful Sunset Engagement Session at Pitt Lake, BC

These two newly engaged lovebirds were full of laughter and playfulness at their sunset engagement session at Pitt Lake which has the most breathtaking mountain backdrops! Solmaz was a little nervous at the beginning of the session, which is totally understandable! Having a camera shoved in your face and being told to act totally normal with your significant other is anything but normal! With a few games and guidance, Solmaz and Mladen were having such a good time they almost forgot about me!

We started down by the Pitt Lake with Solmaz’z orange slit leg dress. It had a great pop and colour and was the perfect balance between sexy and elegant. She also made strutting in her heels look easy. 😉 Mladen kept it simple and classy with a pair of black dress pants and a white button-up shirt. Sometimes I wish women’s clothing was as simple as guys, as my husband chooses a sweater he likes and then buys it in 5 different colours and calls it good for another year. 😂 But would I miss the variety….hm?

We then had a classic parking lot quick change and got into something more comfortable! You can’t go wrong with a pair of khakis and some cozy sweaters! Did I mention Solmaz absolutely rocked her outfits choices? The BEST thing you can do for a photo shoot is have a variety ready in the car! Our trunk was full of different sweaters, scarfs, shoes, and other accessories! Keep in mind we won’t be photographing 5 outfits, you wanna take advantage of that evening light! But having options based on the lighting, weather, and locations ENSURES the best outcomes! Be overly prepared, that way you are relaxed and ready for anything! We were then off the Pitt River just down the road for the rest of the engagement photos!

Engagement photos at Pitt Lake are some of my favourite! The couple gets to roam around and there is something that feels safe about being surrounded by mountains. It creates the most perfect atmosphere, just wait and see how relaxed these two are and that reflects when you get to see the finished photos! So we were off, frolicking in the fields and mountains and loving every minute!

Anyways, enough of me talking, go check out all the goodness from Solmaz and Mladen. This Pitt Lake engagement session is one for the books!


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