Cozy In-Home Anniversary Featuring Luna the Puppy | Coquitlam, BC

I have always enjoyed anniversary photo shoots, and although they are usually outside, I absolutely LOVED this cozy in-home anniversary session featuring their adorable puppy Luna. It is not often you get to see your couples life together AFTER the big wedding day and it is pretty special.

We started their shoot with some cuddles on the couch, a couple of games to get the giggles flowing, and of course casual guitar playing on the living room carpet. Luna was feeling a little left out so she came and joined her mom and dad on the couch. It wouldn’t have been a real photo shoot of Tim and Erica without some kisses from Luna, and when I say kisses I mean slobber. Their house is full of touches and red and the couch made the images pop perfectly!

We then slid over to the kitchen for some coffee because Tim needed some caffeine since I interrupted their usual Sunday afternoon nap. Does anyone else nap almost every Sunday because THAT is my JAM! I live for Sunday naps. Anyways..are the kitchen shots not the CUTEST THING EVER!? They are definitely some of my favourites from the whole photo shoot.

Of course we had to finish off the shoot with some photos in the bedroom! Tim and Erica threw on the PJ’s and matching mocassins and did their best to pretend I wasn’t there. 😂 Along with their favorite tunes playing in the background and lots of tickles, we were able to get some of the sweetest photos of these two in their ordinary, everyday life together. This place is the first home they purchased together. Where they brought their very loved puppy home for the first time. This is where they go to be safe and secure with the person they love most in the world.

I hope these images are ones they cherish as they go through life and all the changes ahead of them, and that they remember where they started and began building their life together. Thanks for letting me have a little glimpse into your life and capturing your anniversary!